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Plastic / Resin




Plastic / Resin


The Antique dice are characterized by a rough and deliberately imperfect finish, which gives them a rough and neglected appearance.


Candy dice are characterized by a particular polishing that makes them look like candies just discarded. Always dyed with two colors, one of which is white.


Classic sets are the Fathers of every dice: monochromatic, uniform and simply effective.


The Frost line has dice characterized by light pastel colors, with an uneven color. The impression is to observe pieces of colored ice.


The Galaxy series are transparent dice with a light and uniform glittering colored to replicate the fascination of distant galaxies.


Glitter sets are usually transparent dice, dotted with glitter that brightens the coloring. Cheerful and sparkling!


The Phatom series are glow in the dark sets that contain a pigment that will absorb light and release it gradually in the dark, shining for long minutes of spooky  adventure.


Dice with Inclusions are characterized by the presence of elements inside the plastic or resin of which they are composed. These inclusions can be very varied: small stars, bright stripes, small flowers, shells and much more.


These dice reproduce the particular texture of marble, are present in many colors, with veins more or less marked.


Nebula sets are transparent dice, characterized by an uneven coloring, obtained by pouring a few drops of color into the transparent mixture. Each nut of this type is different from the others, which makes each set unique.


Simple and elegant dice characterized by a uniform transparent color, among the most beloved classics of all time.

Double Face

These particular dice combine transparent and opaque portions, usually have more than one color and reproduce a very interesting aesthetic effect, playing with the depth that changes depending on the point of the nut observed.


Relatives of the Glitter, Stardust dice are different because they have smaller and more glitter in number and concentration.


Bicolor sets are among the most popular dice ever. Two colors are cleverly mixed in a large number of combinations, which allows each player to choose the set that best characterizes them.


These sets combine three or more colors in very sophisticated dice, designed to show a complex and rich texture. Usually opaque, sometimes they may have additional workings, such as inserts or glitter.


Rainbow dice are obtained by combining different color strips, there are many types, but the most famous are undoubtedly those that reproduce the Rainbow from which the set is named.

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These sets are among the first metal nuts created. Characterized by linear, simple and perfect shapes, they combine elegance and simplicity with the value of the metal of which they are made. They can be presented with different finish, shiny and bright, antique and rough, or classic metallic colors.


The embossed processing of these sets makes the numbers and contours stand out on each face, ensuring a clear reading of the result. The colors are applied with careful craftsmanship.


Thin and precise engravings characterize these futuristic looking dice, which combine elegant design with the typical shine of polished metal.


The Steam-Punk dice sets feature a very complex and meticulous workmanship, alternating numbers with gear-shaped details.

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Natural Stones

These dice are made from untreated fragments of natural semi-precious stones. Each face is carved and polished with precision. Finally the numbers are engraved by machine or by hand.

Technical Stones

These sets are subjected to different manufacturing processes that allow you to recreate striking and unique colors and textures

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Natural Wood

These dice are carved from natural solid wood pieces, obtained from different trees chosen for the shade and brightness of their color.

Technical Wood

The suggestive and unique artificial colors and textures of these dice are made by processing wood pieces in many creative ways

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